01.EQUIPPED to know Christ

Individuals will be...EQUIPPED to know Christ and grow in a life-changing walk with God.

02.EMPOWERED to find connectedness

Individuals will be...EMPOWERED to find connectedness and significance in life.

03.ENABLED to thrive

Individuals will be...ENABLED to thrive in service to Christ and to others.

04.EQUIPPED with resources

Churches will be...EQUIPPED with resources regarding disability issues.

05.EMPOWERED through Networking

Churches will be...EMPOWERED through a network of experienced consultants.

06.ENABLED to discover and nurture God-given abilities

Churches will be... ENABLED to discover and nurture God-given abilities in the lives of people with disabilities to further enhance the four-fold ministry of the church.

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Enabled Ministries

We are committed to

Equipping people with disabilities through a network of churches, ministries, business professionals & individuals like you.